Extensive knowledge of legal rules is required to conduct business successfully.

Managing a company means taking decisions that involve risks. These risks are calculated. CS AVOCATS ASSOCIES is an experienced and pragmatic partner in helping business leaders carry out their mission.

The firm assists companies in establishing the legal tools they need to conduct their business (business contracts, distribution contracts, commercial property leases, general terms and conditions of sale, termination of business relations).
The firm specializes in payment recovery and all types of business litigation and always seeks amicable solutions where possible.


Creating a company, choosing the most appropriate legal structure, increasing or decreasing capital, incorporating financial partners or associates, drafting an agreement for associates, purchasing and selling a company or goodwill are all activities that require expertise and skill.

CS AVOCATS ASSOCIES offers experienced counsel and has the ability to draft the documents needed to conduct such operations.

The firm also handles the legal formalities required for annual reports to be approved and standard legal operations to be conducted.

Basically the firm becomes a specialized external department of your company.


Intellectual property protection is essential, particularly in a context of international competition.

CS AVOCATS ASSOCIES handles national and international trademark registration creating and protecting brands. It effectively manages litigation related to the legitimate protection of intellectual property.